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Kurukshetra is an ancient and religious city where the battle of Mahabharta was fought between Kauravas and Pandvas. As per epic Mahabharata Its name Kurukshetra came into existence because it was the region and area of king Kuru who was the ancestor of Kauravas and Pandavas. "Kshetra" is word in Hindi and Sanskrit language which means region or area and Kuru is name of the king whose region was this. It is also known as "Dharmkshetra" because Lord Krishna blessed Arjun with His teachings related to "Karma Philosophy " at Jyotisar and these teachings are published as Holy Bhagwad-Gita and these teachings are the core of humanity for all human beings. Lord Krishna preached Bhagavad Gita during the battle when Arjun was feeling hesitation targeting his respectable elder relatives in Kaurva side. There are large number of holy places, temples and sacred ponds in this city which are related with the religious rituals and ceremonies. It is situated in the central and western part of Haryana and southern Punjab. Kurukshetra has its own FM radio station situated in back side of new bus stand. Main attractions of Kurukshetra are Brahma Sarovar, Sri Krishna Museum, Jyotisar Birthplace of Bhagavad Gita, Kurukshetra Panorama & Science Centre, Bhadrakali Temple, Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple, Sannihit Sarovar, Bhishma Kund, Sheikh Chehli Tomb, Kalpana Chawla Memorial Planetarium, Phalgu Tirtha, Raja Harsh Ka Tila, Rantuka Yaksh, Nishtha Fish Museum, Raja Karna Ka Kila, Pavanhrad Tirtha and Pipli Zoo. To talk about the climate of Kurukshetra, its climate is very hot in summer when the temperature rises up to 46 degree coleus and is very cold in winter when the temperature falls down to 2 degree coleus. The rainy season remains all over the month of July and August.

Kurukshetra is also famous for very old and renowned university known as Kurukshetra University. Kurukshetra University was established in year 1957. This university has a University College and National Institute of Technology inside its campus area. National institute of Technology Kurukshetra is also a very renowned engineering college and was earlier known as Regional Engineering College.

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History of Kurukshetra

History of Kurukshetra

The city has long history of its existence. Vamana Purana describes how Kurukshetra got its name on the name of King Kuru, who impressed Lord Vishnu by spreading spiritual virtues of truth, forgiveness, kindness, purity and charity. As a result Lord Vishnu blessed him with two boons, one of which has given it the name of Kurukshetra and the other anyone who will die here will go to heaven. At that time it was situated on the banks of Sarswati River which dried up later.

Main Attractions of Kurukshetra

Attractions of Kurukshetra

Being an historical and religious place, there are too many places of attraction which attracts locals as well as tourists again and again. Most of these places are religious places and some are related to science and fun.

  • Events in Kurukshetra
    Because of too many religious places in Kurukshetra there are many events and celebrations are being organized. All event organizers can register events here in this city portal. Read more details of events are listed in descending order.
  • Hotels in Kurukshetra
    There are many luxury and budget hotels in Kurukshetra and these hotels mostly remain full due to tourists keep on visiting this holy city, so it is better book the hotel in advance as per your planed visit.
  • Restaurants in Kurukshetra
    Restaurants fulfil hunger when we feel hungry or need refreshment. There are many quality restaurants and hygienic Dhabas in Kurukshetra to cater all tourists as well as locals.
  • Movies in Kurukshetra
    Watch movies in Kurukshetra for your entertainment along with your family and friends. There are multi-screen multiplex cinemas like Carnival - Kessal Mall in city.
  • Night Life in Kurukshetra
    Night life in Kurukshetra is also important particularly for youth and is very enjoying. Youth enjoy in many Clubs, Pubs and Discos. One will surly enjoy your evening and night in these Clubs, Pubs and bars.
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